In the not too distant past, filtered coffee was the only type of coffee offered at most restaurants; however, perception of coffee has shifted since Starbucks hit the scene.  Coffee orders today are taken up a notch and tastes have been refined from the days of plain filtered coffee.

Many modern offices offer a variety of coffee options at the touch of a button.  What about espresso?  Many people believe that espresso is a type of coffee bean; however, it is a method of brewing coffee.  This particular type of brew uses high pressures to force near boiling water through finely ground coffee beans.

Another fascinating fact about espresso is that it is regulated by the Italian government due to the fact that this drink is a major part of the daily lives of the people who live there.  Also, just one shot of espresso uses 50 beans and just one bad bean can ruin the process and ultimately the taste of the brew.

A standard espresso machine uses 132 pounds of pressure to extract this delicious brew – on the other hand, a traditional drip coffee brewer creates a cup of coffee by using only gravity.

Did you know that as of 2015, astronauts brew espresso on board the International Space Station?  Therefore, if espresso is enjoyed by astronauts, literally around the world, shouldn’t your employees be able to enjoy the same pleasure?

Commercial Espresso Machine for the office

Let’s take a closer look at the typical four (4) models of commercial sized espresso machines:

Manual:  The manual option is in lower demand these days due to the physical labor required; however, this is the choice of many professional baristas in Europe because the operator has control over the infusion time to create the perfect brew.

Semi-Automatic: This type of machine requires the operator to start and stop the pour.  It does take some practice to get a perfect pour.

Automatic:  Upon activation, this machine will deliver the pre-set amount of finely ground coffee beans.  Various other types of programmable functions are available on automatic commercial espresso machines such as a “double shot”, “long shot”, and “single shot” (to name a few).

Super automatic espresso machines do it all from grinding the coffee, packing the grounds, brewing the shot, and also ejecting the used grounds into a dump box (that is built into the machine).  For obvious reasons, this type of machine is more costly and may require more internal maintenance, but on a positive note, it is operator fool proof.  You don’t have to be a professional Italian barista to operate one.

Also, keep in mind when choosing the commercial espresso machine for your office environment: the amount of people serving, performance, and the features available for a particular machine.

Why offer espresso to employees and customers?

Honestly, it saves money and that is a huge incentive.  Have you considered how much the average person spends on coffee on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Please don’t forget to add in gasoline expense and time away from work that is required for your daily “coffee run”.  Having a commercial espresso machine at your fingertips will pay for itself quicker than you can image.

The fact that it is convenience is another tempting benefit because as you will be providing a quick and delicious hot beverage that save people productivity time and money.

Customer mood is improved as they can enjoy a hot espresso while waiting.  Remember, happy customers are the basis for any thriving business as they are likely to spend more money and recommend your services to friends and family.

Super Automatic machines require no special skills to operate.  This is a great option for busy offices, as staff can prepare the beverage without much interruption of work flow.

Ambiance is elevated to a whole new level that gives your office a touch of class.  First impressions are important, and an espresso machine will certainly impress new clients as well as employees. What are you waiting for? Make this great investment today and bring a smile to the face of everyone that walks into your office.  Raise a cup in homage to one of the best coffee brews around and enjoy!